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"The Mission of Feed the Gap, Inc. is to collaborate with professional organizations to end child hunger in our state."

Our three stated goals are: (1) feed hungry children in Idaho schools who do not qualify for free or reduced breakfast and lunch; (2) make sure hungry children have weekend food; (3) assist Idaho communities to create Summer Feeding Programs.

Be Involved

1. Join us in ending child hunger in Idaho – become a Member of our Feed the Gap Family and assist us in this worthwhile and humane cause.

2. Make a Donation!

3. Our accountability formula shows how many children your donation feeds in the most cost effective manner available in Idaho.

What We Do!

Twenty-six professionals who recognize their moral and civic responsibility are donating time and expertise to our strategic plan to eradicate childhood hunger in Idaho.

We assure our donors their dollars will be spent directly to feed children.  Your donation will not buy computers, or a new roof, or be spent on fancy stationary; rather your money will be spent on eradicating childhood hunger with accountability of how many children were fed in the most cost effective manner available in Idaho.

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