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Feed the Gap, in partnership with the Boise School District, is working to eliminate child hunger in their schools by feeding hungry children. These children do not qualify, or have not yet applied for free or reduced price breakfast and lunch meals through the USDA Child Nutrition Programs. Yet these children are hungry. Generally these children belong to the growing numbers of “The Working Poor” in America. Idaho has one of the largest percentages of people making minimum wage in the United States.** The parents are working but there is not enough money to meet the most basic of...

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We Feed Kids.

In Idaho, more than 80,000 children live in poverty, with 31,000 living in extreme poverty, which is 19% and 7.5% of Idaho’s population.  

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We make sure kids focus on the chalkboard instead of the Gap in their stomach.

Research indicates that hungry children do more poorly in school and have lower academic achievement because they are not well prepared for school and cannot concentrate. (Cook, John. FeedingAmerica “Child Food Insecurity: the Economic Impact on our Nation”, 2009)  

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We make sure no Idaho child goes to bed hungry.

We are developing research to discover where there are Gaps in Idaho’s food programs.  Then we Feed that Gap.  

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