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Founders Message

Creating Feed the Gap, Inc. has been as exercise in opposites.  One journey has been the discovery of Idaho’s hungry children, and the sheer numbers of these kids.  The other journey has been the concerned willingness to help, and the giving nature of virtually every individual I have talked with.  It has also been a journey of stories.  Each person helping to eradicate childhood hunger in Idaho has, in some manner, a

story to tell.  Whether it is their story, the story of a family member, or a friend or colleague, we all have ties to hunger.

As a group of professional individuals, we have been blessed.  We want to make a difference.  And, we have no “skin in the game”.  We’re not creating a model that benefits us; we simply want to feed children.  Our model is: money in; find a cost-effective, efficient organization feeding children; and follow how many children were fed with these donations.

We use the internet, and any program which eliminates cost and duplication in keeping with our model of low to no overhead.  We are pro bono with in-kind donations as well as dollar donations.  We don’t have fancy stationary, we don’t have an office; we don’t have staff, but we do use Dropbox to save on printing.

Simply stated; We Feed Children!

Can you help us?  Together, let’s make a systemic change in Idaho childhood hunger.

Anne Grenke Glass, Founder